Department of Mathematics

Future Events

On October 24, we'll be hosting the second year of TAGMaC, a one-day conference for math graduates in the triangle area, at NCSU. For more information, please go to the conference website.

Stay tuned for more events planned in the spring semester!

Past Events

In Fall 2015, we hosted jointly with the MGSA two events to welcome new graduate students to the department. The first was a mixer during TA training and the second was a trivia night where we provided pizza, drinks, and donuts.

In the summer of 2015, we held two events for NCSU graduate students. The first was an end-of-semester study party before finals, where we provided ice cream and coffee. The second was an advice session for first- and second-year students preparing for qualifying exams, where we provided pizza and drinks.

In March 2015, we hosted TAGMaC, a one-day conference for math graduates in the triangle area with graduate presentations, a professional development panel, and keynote speech by Ezra Miller from Duke University. The schedule is available here, and you can also download the submitted abstracts here.

In May 2014, we organized a panel on "Things I Wish I Knew my First Two Years of Grad School" for first year and prospective graduate students. We also hosted a mixer between the students.